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Tang Dynasty Painted Tomb Guardian Bixie 618 AD

Description: Tang Painted Tomb Spirit Guardian / Bixie, 618-907 AD; these fantastic creatures, with hooves, spines, and curling horns, combined the features of animals and humans. They would have accompanied the funeral procession through the streets, proclaiming the importance of the deceased. Tianlu (heavenly emolument) and Bixie (evil dispeller) are the Chinese mythological animals that herald in good fortune and keep evil at bay. Both look like a lion except for their wings -- one horn denotes tianlu, whereas two horns is Bixie. Introduced during the Han Dynasty, these animals were placed in front of tombs to suggest the dignity, power, and authority the deceased enjoyed in their lifetime. As symbols of bravery and immunity to evil, the two animals are vehicles on which those aspiring to 'heaven' will ride. Fierce grave-dwelling beasts, zhenmushou (earth spirits or spirit quellers) were placed in the tomb to drive off any malevolent being who dared enter.

Condition: Color fading, abrasions, small chips and/or minor deterioration with possible areas of restoration.

Height- 13
Width- 4.5
Depth- 3

Price: $950.00

Item ID: 27409
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